Father’s Day and the NutsOnline Family

Father’s Day is a very special holiday to us at NutsOnline because of the strong family legacy that the company embodies. Here, Jeffrey Braverman, founder of NutsOnline.com, says a few words about what working with his father, Kenny, in a family business means to him:

“Father’s Day is coming up and it gives me pause (amidst the holiday rush) to reflect on how wonderful it is that I get to see my dad every day at work.  In general it’s pretty easy to take people for granted, and even more so when you see them every day.  Also, working with family can get tense (OK, very tense) at times, but it is a real blessing to be able to spend this much time together.

Since he was a boy, my dad has worked incredibly hard in the nut shop to take care of his family, just like Poppy Sol did before him. (Read about my dad here.) Even though NutsOnline is my baby, my dad was the one with the trust and foresight to let me take the keys.  Dad, I am grateful, and I love you, for everything.”