Happy National Almond Day!

raw almonds We hope your sugar hangover from Valentine’s Day isn’t too bad because we have another delicious holiday to celebrate: National Almond Day. Today we’re taking a moment to commemorate this remarkable nut: how it tastes, its health benefits, and a few of its uses. We wanted to share a list of some of our favorite almond products to get you inspired!

1. Plain Ole Almonds

Let’s start with the basics: simple, flavorful almonds. Almonds don’t just add flavor to snacks and dishes, they’re also tasty all on their own! Our raw almonds are some of the freshest and finest out there. A handful and a half of these almonds will give you an abundance of vitamin E, protein, fiber, calcium, iron, and more. In fact, almonds can even lower the risk of heart problems. If you’d rather snack on roasted almonds, check out our unsalted roasted almonds and our salted roasted almonds.

2. Flavored Almonds

Almonds taste wonderful by themselves, but they can also be exciting when they have an extra dose of flavoring. If you’re a fan of roasted almonds with a little seasoning, we have a wide selection for you to choose from. For a sweet snack, try our honey roasted almonds, which are coated in sweet honey and sugar, or our cinnamon roasted almonds, which are smothered in a delicious cinnamon and sugar blend. If you’d rather have something savory than sweet, sample our hickory smoked almonds. Here are some other varieties for you to try: butter toffee almonds, praline almonds, and sweet cream almonds.

3. Jordan Almonds

Jordan almonds might be the most classic of all the almond candies. These California almonds are slightly roasted and then covered in a candy coating. This is an especially popular wedding favor. Giving guests Jordan almonds dates back to Italian and Middle Eastern wedding traditions. Wedding guests are given five Jordan almonds signifying the following: health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and long life. Our Jordan almonds come in a variety of colors, which makes them perfect for parties and candy buffets.

milk chocolate almond bark 4. Chocolate Almonds

Chocolate and almonds make for a heavenly combination. We offer a long list of products that seamlessly combine chocolate with almonds, but let’s start simple. For our milk chocolate covered almonds, we take our toasted almonds and smother them with our finest milk chocolate. We also have a sugar free version. Not a fan of milk chocolate? Try our dark chocolate covered almonds! If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, check out some of our other chocolate and almond products: dark chocolate almond clustersmilk chocolate almond bark, and chocolate almond halvah.

Which one of these do you most want to try? How do you like to eat your almonds?

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