Pick Up Your Pace With Energy Squares

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Need to kick your energy level up a notch? We offer a wide range of snacks that give you the nutrition you need, whether it be to get through a long afternoon or to finish a cross-country run. However, the items that so many of our customers turn to when they need a healthy source of fuel are our fantastically delicious energy squares!

These snack-sized squares are packed with whole, healthy ingredients, and some varieties are even raw and organic. They’re perfect on the go, and are ideal for athletes. And during the summer, when the heat can cause you to burn more calories than you might in cooler weather, energy squares are just what the doctor ordered. They’re never sticky sweet like energy bars that contain artificial sweeteners, and they’re filling without being overwhelming.

One of our favorite varieties is our original Organic Chia Energy Squares. Developed specially for NutsOnline, these 100 percent raw energy squares harness the power of chia seeds to give you a boost. Chia seeds, which are known to increase energy and aid in hydration, are fantastic for athletes in particular. These energy squares, which are loaded with organic ingredients, truly are something special!

Of course, our other varieties of energy squares are pretty fabulous as well. Our Organic Raw Cacao Goji Energy Squares are incredibly popular, as they pack in the unique benefits of chunks of cacao and dried goji berries. The Honey Pistachio Energy Squares and Gorp Energy Squares are great choices for those who love the nutty, sweet flavor of more traditional granola bars. Fruit enthusiasts will go wild for Mixed Berry Blast Energy Squares and Organic Lemon Pop Energy Squares.

If you’re having trouble making up your mind, believe us, we understand! That’s why we’ve developed sampler packs that allow you to taste a variety of energy square flavors and select your favorites. The Assorted Energy Squares sampler contains a variety of treats that are packed with nuts, dried fruit and seeds, such as Carob Spirulina Energy Squares and Honey Vanilla Energy Squares. The Organic Assorted Energy Squares offers up an assortment of our popular organic varieties, including Organic Carob Super Green Energy Squares and Organic Chocolate Paradise Energy Squares.

Do our energy squares provide you with the fuel you need to get through a workout (or just your afternoon slump)? We’d love to hear about it! No matter the flavor, we’re positive that these tasty tidbits are just the thing for a full-body pick-me-up!

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