Thank You for Feeding the Bears!

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Baby Hope munches on some NutsOnline pecans. Photo courtesy of the North American Bear Center and the Wildlife Research Institute.

At NutsOnline, we’re devoted to using our business to promote a better world for everyone. Because of that, we’ve teamed up with several nonprofits throughout the country, giving our customers the chance to help us help others. One of those very special organizations is the North American Bear Center in Ely, Minnesota.

The North American Bear Center is devoted to promoting the long-term survival of bears by helping people move past their misconceptions about these creatures. They also work to preserve increasingly endangered bear habitats, halt bear poaching and rehabilitate injured and orphaned bears so that they can be released into the wild.

We offer 3-pound snack packs for purchase that are shipped directly to the North American Bear Center. The snack packs, which contain 1 lb. each of raw pecans, hazelnuts and Brazil nuts, are used by researchers at the center as treats while they’re working with the bears, including a cub in their care, Hope. You’ve sent more than 2,000 lbs. of nuts to the bear center already. Stupendous support, all!

These snack packs really do make a difference at the North American Bear center. In a recent research update, biologists at the center said: “The nuts you’ve been sending have been a godsend.  We’ve never had such fresh pecans and hazelnuts to coax bears into letting us adjust their radio-collars and change their GPS batteries (which we have to do every 10 days).  The bears strongly prefer your nuts over anything else we can offer.  You’ve made our job easier than ever, and little Hope loves them.”

And that isn’t the only way our customers have shown their spirit of giving! A few weeks ago, we reached out to you, urging you to vote for the North American Bear Center in the Chase Community Giving grant program. We’re so pleased to announce that the center came in third and will receive a $100,000 grant from the organization.

We really want to take this moment to thank all of our customers from the bottom of our hearts. Without your generous help, it wouldn’t be possible for us to as extensively help the North American Bear Center, as well as the other worthy causes we support. You all are top-notch!

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