10 Banana Treats to Make You Go Bananas!

With all the banana treats we have to offer, you might think we’ve gone completely bananas! Well, August 27th is Banana Lover’s Day, so we think that’s reason enough to indulge in some of our favorite banana treats.

Banana Chips

1) Banana Crisps – These delightfully crispy and crunchy dried bananas are the perfect treat. Packed with dietary fiber and potassium, they are a healthy snack that will satisfy a sweet tooth. You can even enjoy them with cereal – they stay crispy in milk!

2) Banana Chips – A classic snack, and a favorite among little kiddos, banana chips are simply sweet and delicious. We love munching on them for a crunchy & delicious banana flavor, or mixing them with trail mix or yogurt.

3) Chocolate Covered Banana Chips – If you’re a chocolate lover who’s also nuts for bananas, you’ll love this treat. We’ve generously dunked our crispy banana chips into luscious milk chocolate. For those that prefer a more rich chocolate taste, we also carry dark chocolate banana chips.

Chocolate Covered Banana Chips

Dried Bananas

4) Natural Dried Bananas – Our natural dried bananas are made from full-sized dried bananas. They contain no added sugar or preservatives, for a completely natural treat. They provide high levels of potassium, iron and dietary fiber.

5) Freeze-Dried Bananas – Soft and slightly crunchy, our freeze-dried bananas make a light snack that you can enjoy anytime. These sliced bananas can easily be added to oatmeal, yogurt, cereal, or trail mix. We love snacking on them for a boost of potassium and energy.

Freeze Dried Bananas

Banana Candy

6) Silly Yellow Bananas – If you love the banana Runts candy, you’ll adore these silly yellow bananas just as much. These are hard candies with that irresistible banana flavor. They’re fun to place in goodie bags or just snack on when you need your banana fix.

7) Banana Gummy Worms – After you try these banana gummy worms, you’ll wonder why they aren’t a more common flavor of gummy worms. Sweet and chewy, these delicious gummy candies are adorable and fun.

8) Banana Salt Water Taffy – These chewy banana salt water taffy candies will make you fall in love with the flavor of banana all over again. They’ll bring back memories of enjoying your favorite taffies on the boardwalk.

Banana Salt Water Taffy

Banana Coffee

9) Banana Nut Cream Coffee – Wake up to something warm and delicious! For this unique blend, our deluxe house coffee beans are roasted with the flavors of banana, nut, and sweet cream. You’ve never had a cup of joe like this before!

10) Banana Foster Coffee – Do you love banana fosters? It’s that scrumptious dessert made from bananas and vanilla ice cream, all drenched in a buttery brown sugar sauce. Now you can enjoy that flavor in your coffee, without the calories!

Coffee & Tea

What banana treats do you go bananas for?


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