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10 Ice Cream Topping Ideas

July is National Ice Cream month and what better way to celebrate this cool and creamy treat than with some delectable ice cream topping ideas! From toffee bits to chopped butterfingers, these yummy ice cream toppings make everyone’s favorite chilled dessert even better.

1) Crushed Hydrox Cookies

These crushed chocolate and cream cookies are just like crushed Oreos. Great sprinkled over ice cream, frozen yogurt, or mixed in shakes, these chocolate sandwich cookies never let you down. They are especially delicious with vanilla-flavored frozen treats because they make the chocolate and cream goodness really stand out!

2) Mini Sea Salt Caramels

Sweet and smooth, these little sea salt caramels make a simply perfect topping. You’ll love biting into these mini chocolate treats as they ooze with creamy caramel. A touch of sea salt really enhances the already delicious flavor of these yummy caramel bites.

3) Toffee Bits

These Skor bits are sweet and buttery Hershey’s toffee bits. They add a nice crunch to any of your favorite frozen treats. The caramelized sugar flavor of toffee bits goes well with so many different ice cream flavors, from chocolate to vanilla. We can eat up these toffee bits any day!

4) Chocolate Covered Waffle Pieces

It’s everything you love in a chocolate covered waffle cone, minus the mess! These waffle cone pieces are smothered in smooth milk chocolate for a crunchy good treat to go with your ice cream. Stir them in softened ice cream or just sprinkle them over the top and enjoy.

Chocolate Covered Waffle Pieces

5) Mini M&M’s

Who doesn’t love adding these classic chocolate candies to their ice cream or frozen yogurt? These mini M&M’s are the perfect size for toppings. The ice cream makes them nice, chill, and crunchy. We love regular-sized M&M’s but mini means you can eat more!

6) Chopped Snickers

Chewy caramel, smooth chocolate, and delicious roasted peanuts might just be one of our favorite ice cream toppings ever. Snickers candy bars are delicious on their own, but add that taste and texture to your favorite frozen treat, and it doesn’t get any better than that!

7) Mochi Rice Cakes

Smooth and silky, these mini mochi rice cakes are the same kind you’ll find at your favorite frozen yogurt shop. Our customers like to buy them by the pound to add to their own ice cream and frozen yogurt treats. They are also incredible for snacking and we offer them in multiple flavors.

Mochi Rice Cakes Rainbow

8) Sprinkles

Perhaps the most classic ice cream topping, we can always count on sprinkles to add a nice crunch that appeals to kids and adults alike. Whether you love rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, or colored sprinkles, these crunchy decorative toppings will make you feel like a kid again.

9) Mini Hershey Kisses

Mini Hershey kisses are unwrapped and ready to be sprinkled over ice cream and all of your favorite frozen treats. These classic milk chocolate morsels are a simple solution anytime you feel that your ice cream doesn’t have enough chocolate chips.

10) Chopped Butterfingers

There’s something about chocolate and peanut butter that goes together so well, and when you combine them with ice cream, you’re in for a real treat. We crave the delicious combination of milk chocolate and the flaky peanut butter center of Butterfinger candy bars. Now you can enjoy it with your ice cream.

Chopped Butterfingers

What are your favorite ice cream topping ideas?

One Response to “10 Ice Cream Topping Ideas”

  1. Eileen Benson

    I like how you said that chopped up snickers candy bars are a great way to add texture to our ice cream. I’ve been looking for some creative ice cream topping ideas I can serve at my son’s birthday party next month. Chopped up snickers would go really well with dulce de leche caramel sauce, so I’m excited to try the combination!


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