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10 Old Time Candy Treats We Still Love Today

These old time candy treats will bring back your favorite memories from the decade you grew up in. These classic sweets are still enjoyed today by all generations.

1) Chick-O-Stick Bites

A favorite of the 1930’s, these delicious Chick-O-Stick Bites are crispy bits of peanuts and candy all rolled into one. Each piece is rolled in lighted toasted coconut for a treat that is the perfect balance of sweet and nutty. These come individually-wrapped and are perfect for sharing.

2) Boyer’s Mallo Cups

Created by the Boyer Brothers, these mallo cups gained popularity in the 1940’s. They are deliciously large cups of milk chocolate filled with a whipped marshmallow creme center. If you love all things chocolate and marshmallow, then these Mallo cups will soon become a favorite of yours, no matter what age you are.

boyers mallo cups

3) Tootsie Roll Pops

Everyone remembers that classic Tootsie Roll commercial, “How many licks does it take to reach the center of a Tootsie pop?” We may not know the answer to this, but we know that these chocolate Tootsie roll filled lollipops are sure delicious! They come in delectable flavors like cherry, raspberry, chocolate, grape, orange, pomegranate, banana, and blue raspberry.

4) Salt Water Taffy

Bring back those summertime boardwalk memories with our old-fashioned salt water taffy! This sweet and chewy confection was born in New Jersey but quickly became popular around the country. Our salt water taffy comes in classic flavors like peach, banana, raspberry, watermelon, blueberry, chocolate, maple, strawberry, orange, and neapolitan.

5) Candy Blox

If you’re a Lego fanatic, you’ll love these classic Candy Blox. They look just like Lego pieces, but have the texture and taste of SweeTarts. You really get the best of both worlds with these Candy Blox. This is a food you’ll be encouraged to play with. Stack them to make your own sweet masterpieces.

Candy Blox 1

6) Good & Plenty

The oldest branded candy in the United States, Good & Plenty go way back to the 1890’s. There’s a lot of history behind them, but the candy is still a delight to taste buds today. Licorice lovers adore this old time candy treat. Good & Plenty are black licorice pieces coated in festive pastel candy shells.

7) Necco Wafers

Necco wafers are still made using the recipe they started out with in 1847. These delicious candy wafers came to be known as “Necco Wafers” in 1912, and are still referred to as such today. Each individually wrapped mini roll contains the flavors and colors of chocolate, lemon, orange, clove, wintergreen, cinnamon and licorice.

Necco Wafers

8) Milk Duds

Milk duds are an old-time chewy caramel candy smothered in a milk chocolate coating. An employee of the original manufacturer named them “duds” because the company was never able to make them perfectly round. We don’t care about the shape so much as the delicious chocolate-caramel combination of flavors!

9) Pez

We can’t decide which we like more: the delicious Pez candy or their fun character-themed dispensers! We have Pez dispensers in Marvel Heroes, Toy Story, and Star Wars. They make great party favors and are a joy for kids and grown ups alike. Make sure you have Pez refill packs on hand to keep the delicious fun going.

10) Retro Candy Boxes

If you remember the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, or ‘80s, you’ll get a kick out of these retro candy boxes! Each box features nostalgic candy from that decade, to bring back sweet memories. Whether you were listening to rock ‘n’ roll on vinyl records, or jamming with your walkman, you’ll love these old time candy delights.

1970's Retro Candy Box

What is your favorite old time candy?

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  1. Robert Houser

    Haystacks my grandmother always had in the candy dish(torpedo shaped chocolate shaped filled with coconut shavings? Where do I find these?


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