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4 Snacks for a Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Are you expecting a baby sometime in the near future? Are those pregnancy cravings getting the best of you? We’re here to help you maintain a healthy pregnancy diet (that also happens to be delicious). All the snacks we recommend below are designed to help you satisfy those crazy cravings the healthy way!

 1. Prenatal Mix

Did you know we have a snack mix that was put together specifically for pregnant women? Our organic prenatal mix is created to be tasty, filling, and provide you and your little one with necessary vitamins like A, B6, E, and calcium. Ingredients include products like almonds, pepitas, and diced apricots.

2. Quinoa Tabbouleh Wraps

These wraps contain a lot of green and yellow veggies, which are important for maintaining a healthy pregnancy diet. Bonus: you can use half of the mixture for wraps and safe the other half for a tasty salad. This recipe calls for components like quinoa, cucumber, lemon juice, and flour tortillas.

3. Blueberry Almond Smoothie

Whenever you’re craving a fruity drink, try this delicious, calcium-rich smoothie. Combine frozen or freeze dried blueberriesalmond butterhoney, and unsweetened soy milk, and you’re on your way to fruity bliss.

4. Almond-Butter Granola Balls

Here’s an easy, no-bake snack for you to try. This yummy treat combines ingredients like rolled oatsdried cherries or raisinsalmond butter, and honey. This snack is packed with protein and magnesium, which are important to your and your baby’s health.

Mommies-to-be, which of these recipes sound good to you? Let us know!

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