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4 Soothing Spring Cold Remedies

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honey lemon throat drops It’s that time of year where everyone seems to be coming down with something. We wrote earlier this week about how you can fight off spring colds by eating immunity-boosting foods such as blueberries, wheat germ and pumpkin seeds.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we still end up catching whatever is going around. If you’re feeling under the weather, give yourself a little extra TLC with these soothing cold remedies.

1. Menthol Throat Drops

Don’t let that cold hold you back. Our throat drops are available in three tasty flavors – honey lemon, cherry eucalyptus and menthol eucalyptus – to ease the pain of coughs and sore throats.

2. Chamomile Tea

Nothing is more comforting when you’re sick than a big mug of hot chamomile tea. Chamomile is known for encouraging sleepiness, so it will help your body get the rest it need to recover. Drink it with a bit of honey and lemon or mint, bundle up in bed with warm blankets and get some shut-eye.

3. Vitamin C

Studies have shown that vitamin C may help reduce the incidence, duration and severity of the common cold. If you are coming down with symptoms of a cold, try adding vitamin C powder to your morning tea or smoothie. Continue to take a small serving after you’ve recovered to keep your immune system strong.

crystallized ginger 4. Crystallized Ginger

Ginger has long been a home remedy to strengthen the immune system and to treat nausea, indigestion and colds. Eat a few small pieces of crystallized ginger and enjoy its sweet-and-spicy flavor, as well as its natural healing properties .

What are your favorite cold remedies? Share in the comments!

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6 Responses to “4 Soothing Spring Cold Remedies”

  1. chris@clearpanicaway.com' Chris

    I’ll put in my vote for crystallized ginger. Mmmmmmmm. Weird, when I was a child I just hated ginger…today, I find it delish.

    And yeah. Secondarily, it works when you’re feeling ill. :p

    • allie@nuts.com' The Nutty Scoop

      Hi Chris, yes, the strong flavor of ginger is too intense for some folks, but we’re glad that you’ve come to like it!

  2. petkaz@gmail.com' Petra

    For me it has to be gargling with half a teaspoon of salt dissolved in a glass of warm water followed by two teaspoons of locally produced honey.

    You can’t beat it.


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