5 DIY Healthy Popsicle Recipes

Make your own refreshing ice pops that taste delicious and are great for your body, too! These healthy popsicle recipes are perfect for the warm summer weather or anytime you’re craving a frozen treat.

1) Mango Chia Seed Coconut Ice Pops

These unique popsicles are creamy and delicious with a hint of fruity tropical flavor from dried mango. We love how the recipe incorporates chia seeds to provide a healthy boost of omega-3 essential fatty acids. Chia seeds also add a unique texture alongside the chopped dried mango pieces. Coconut milk ties the recipe together for the perfect sweet and creamy treat to enjoy this summer.

2) Banana Coconut Cream Popsicles

You could say this recipe is a bit “coco-nutty” because along with coconut milk for the base, these popsicles call for real shredded coconut. Fresh bananas and honey add natural sweetness and complement the enticing coconut flavor. This frozen treat is incredible and also good for you. Coconut is rich in fiber and antioxidants while bananas provide a good source of heart-healthy potassium.

3) Chocolate Strawberry Maca Recipes

There are a lot of interesting ways you can use the superfood maca powder, and this recipe just might be one of our favorites. These mouthwatering ice pops have two layers, including a strawberry layer, and a chocolate base made with raw cacao powder and dates. The addition of maca powder helps improve energy levels, relieve stress, and provide nourishing minerals to your diet. That’s a whole lot of health benefits in a popsicle!

4) Green Tea Mango Pops

The combination of exotic mango and antioxidant-packed matcha green tea powder is energizing and delicious in these pretty popsicles. Fresh mango adds a sweet and tangy taste while the matcha adds that signature green tea flavor. For a low-fat alternative to coconut milk, you can even use almond milk in this recipe. These are delectable and refreshing treats to enjoy in the warm weather.

5) Chocolate Pudding Pops

Are you a chocolate lover? Then these pudding pops are for you! They pack a double chocolate punch with the combination of Dutch cocoa powder and raw cacao nibs. These are considered “grown-up” pudding pops because they add a touch of espresso or coffee powder. Toasted coconut lends a subtle and sweet caramelized flavor that complements the rich chocolate taste so nicely.

Have you ever made ice pops? Do you have any favorite healthy popsicle recipes?

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