5 Healthy Snack Ideas

Just because you’re trying to eat a cleaner diet doesn’t mean you have to give up snacking. In fact, eating a snack between meals will help boost your metabolism and might prevent you from overindulging in your next meal. However, that doesn’t mean you should snack on just anything. You need something that’s tasty, as well as good for you. We’ve rounded up our five favorite healthy snack ideas, so the next time you’re reaching in the cupboard for a snack, grab one of these:

1. Organic Trail Mix

Looking for a trail mix that’s packed with nutrients but doesn’t skimp on taste? Here it is: our certified organic trail mix. This mix is packed with organic sunflower seeds, organic pepitas, organic seedless raisins, organic almonds, organic walnuts, organic cranberries, organic banana chips, organic brazil nuts, and organic cashews. Yum!

2. Dried Strawberries

One of our customer favorite treats is also one that’s good for you: dried strawberries. They’re even one of our CEO’s favorite snacks! You won’t find dried strawberries that are more sweet and mouthwatering than ours. You can add these to cereal, muffins, cakes, or even eat them straight out of the bag.

3. English Walnuts

There are very few foods that are as nutritiously complete as walnuts. They can lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of life-threatening maladies like heart disease and cancer. If that’s not enough of a reason for you to incorporate walnuts into your diet, then here’s another one: they’re filling and delicious. Snack on them plain or add them to your baked goods to take them to the next level.

4. Chia Chips

Are you a chip fanatic? Or do you find yourself craving a crunchy, salty snack in the afternoons? If so, you need to try these chia chips. It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of chia seeds and the nutritional value they have, so we jumped for joy when we discovered these chia chips. Bonus: these chia chips also contain flax seeds to make them even more nutritiously wonderful.

5. Freeze-Dried Fruit Cocktail

Is there any better combination than sweet and crunchy? How about sweet, crunchy, and healthy? That’s what you’ll get when you snack on our freeze-dried fruit cocktail. This mix contains freeze-dried diced apples, peaches, bananas, strawberries, grapes, and pears. All of the ingredients are 100% fruit — nothing else. So start munching on this guilt-free snack!

Do you have any healthy snack ideas to share with us?

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