5 Healthy Snacks for Kids

Parents and kids don’t always agree on which foods to eat, but we know that snacktime success requires the perfect harmony of taste and nutrition. These healthy snacks for kids are parent-approved and so delicious they’ll win even the pickiest taste buds over!

1) Power Mix

Loaded with peanuts, raisins, dried cherries, cranberries, and more, this power snack will keep hungry tummies satisfied while providing a big boost of nutrients. Delicious roasted Virginia peanuts are rich in protein and dietary fiber which help little kiddos feel full longer. Dried fruits are an excellent source of vitamins that kids need, and are a healthy way to satisfy a sweet craving. Grownups can enjoy this snack too, of course!

2) Dried Apples

Kids love nibbling on these naturally sweet and delicious dried apple rings. Apples are a powerhouse of dietary fiber which makes them a great snack to ward off hunger. They are also rich in Vitamin C to help the immune system fight off colds and illnesses. As a source of potassium, apples provide a nutrient that’s important for children’s health and development. Did we mention that they taste great so kids will have no problem eating them!

Dried Apples

3) Organic Assorted Energy Squares

We often hear from customers telling us just how much their families love these tasty energy squares. Organic assorted energy squares are especially popular because they include a variety of energy bites loaded with different nuts, dried fruit, and seeds. Your little ones will love munching on these after they’ve worked up an appetite from after-school activities. The best part is that they’re made from only all natural ingredients for a guilt-free treat.  

4) Berry Mix

This mix of strawberries, cherries, raspberries, cranberries, blackberries, and blueberries is a lot of fun for kids to snack on. It’s easy to give kids a daily serving of fruit with this perfect combination of mouth-watering berries. Chewy and sweet, each berry is bursting with energizing, immune-boosting vitamins and antioxidants. When your little ones are in the mood for something sweet, our berry mix makes an ideal healthy snack.

Berry Mix

5) Vanilla Light and Crunchy Granola

Granola is an easy snack to pack during a busy morning, and this vanilla light and crunchy granola is simply delicious! Whether you serve it for breakfast as a morning cereal, or let your little ones enjoy it as a snack, granola is easy and versatile. The natural vanilla flavor is a favorite among both grownups and kids. This chunky granola cereal also goes well with yogurt for a delicious parfait.

What do you think are the best healthy snacks for kids?



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