5 Holiday Party Snacks

Everything Sesame Sticks One of the best parts of the holidays is inviting family and friends to our homes in celebration of the season. Don’t forget to treat your guests to some tasty holiday party snacks while dinner’s still in the oven. Here are five of our best party snacks to entice an appetite!

1) Everything Sesame Sticks

If you love everything bagels because they have the best of, well, everything, then you’ll love our everything sesame sticks! The yummy crunch of poppy seeds and sesame seeds, combined with a tasty garlic and onion seasoning makes an irresistible snack. For more delicious party snack ideas, check out all of our crunchy sesame sticks in over 15 different flavors!

2) Praline Pecans

Put these praline pecans out in a bowl at your next holiday gathering and we can guarantee they’ll start disappearing pretty fast! Our praline pecans are a unique and sweet Southern treat of delicious roasted pecans smothered in a warm coating of sugary and buttery goodness. The bold nutty crunch of pecans combined with a delectable sweetness is enough to send your taste buds whirling with delight.

3) Supreme Roasted Mixed Nuts

Treat your guests to a nutrient-rich nutty snack. Our supreme roasted mixed nuts is a fresh and tasty mix with seven different kinds of roasted and lightly salted nuts. It features our delicious brazils, pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios, and macadamia nuts. With such a wide variety of nuts, you’ll be getting the best taste and nutrients from all of them, like protein, dietary fiber, monounsaturated fats, and antioxidants.

4) Guacamole Bites

If you’re a fan of chips and guacamole, you’ll happily welcome these bite-sized guacamole bites into your party bowl. Perfectly seasoned with a natural avocado flavor, these guacamole bites are just what you need to satisfy a case of the munchies. They have an enticing green avocado color that makes them a festive addition to any holiday appetizer spread. These will be all gone before you know it!

5) Christmas Jazz

For something sweet, nutty, and chocolaty, your friends and family will love eating up these red and green chocolate covered sunflower seeds, or as we like to call it: Christmas Jazz. Christmas Jazz  These gorgeous red and green candy-coated treats have a yummy surprise of roasted sunflower seeds and smooth milk chocolate. The look of these treats is perfect for the holidays, and the taste is simply delightful!

What holiday party snacks will you be serving?


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