5 More Customer Creations with Nuts.com Products

There are so many things that you can make with ingredients from Nuts.com. Bake cookies, cakes, and breads. Create a candy buffet for your upcoming wedding reception or party. For a healthy boost, create your own delicious trail mix and smoothies!

When you create something with our products, we encourage you to take a photo and post it on our Facebook wall. We’ll add it to our Cool Customer Creations album! To get inspired, take a look at these five customer photos of their yummy treats.


“My son Isaac helps to make blenderized food to go into his g tube – with moringa, almonds and quinoa from Nuts.com!” – Kimberly Gould Crawley

pink candy nuts.com

Koren Lynch shared this photo of Nuts.com pink candy for her daughter’s princess pony party.

walnuts nuts.com

“Dried pears with melted chocolate and topped with walnuts. Pears and walnuts from nuts.com.” – Lisa Schae


“I love your pistachio flour! Here’s another creation that I made with it. Gluten free pistachio-lime sugar cookies!” – Amy Shaffer

Cranberry white chocolate chip muffins

“Cranberry white chocolate chip muffins!” – Serenity Palmer

For more ideas, see our previous post, 5 Customer Creations with Nuts.com Products!

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