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6 Nutty Food Storage Ideas from Our Customers

Recently, customer Amanda Hoffman Robinson posted this question to the Nuts.com Facebook page:

I have a request. My husband is nuts for Nuts.com, and we have so many bags in the kitchen. I’d love it if you would have your customers post pictures of their storage solutions, to give me ideas of the most efficient way to store your products!

Plenty of other customers posted pictures of their nutty food storage ideas. We’ve created a Facebook album to showcase their solutions and would like to share a few here:

Joe Tuttolomondo stocks a whole kitchen cabinet with Nuts.com goodies. He writes, “We’ve officially gone NUTS!”


Gigi McClain stores jumbo peanuts in Ziploc bags and fills a cupboard with them! She says, “This is my 4th order of 25lbs of jumbo raw peanuts. I LOVE EM! I’m roasting some now.”


Jamie Bull-Valeri writes, “How we store our nuts.com food!” Jamie fills jars with our products and prints out labels for them.


Vapor S Thompson dedicates a kitchen cabinet to our products. He writes, “Thanks for the fast shipping to Canada. Both offices are fully stocked with brain food now.”


“Goin nutty over here!” writes Lynde B. Steensen, who stores her Nuts.com bags on her pantry shelves, some in small plastic tubs.



Simplify with a Daily PUSH writes, “This is how I store all of our nuts from Nuts.com” — in OXO pop-top containers.

If you have food storage ideas to share, leave a comment or post a picture to the Nuts.com Facebook page!

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    I feel good about your nuts. Can you explain what i feel? Great!


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