7 Day Slim Smoothie Challenge

There is no better time to start making healthy choices than right now. Kick-start your healthy goals with our Slim Smoothie Challenge!

On September 12, 2015 Nuts.com will be launching our 7-Day Slim Smoothie Challenge! This is a great opportunity to start creating healthy habits and to enjoy seven days of delicious smoothie recipes. Follow along all 7 days for your chance to win a prize! See below for details.

How does the challenge work?

  •         Each day we will share a new delicious smoothie which you can easily make at home. Be sure to check our social media accounts to get the recipe! See printable infographic below for the full-list of smoothie recipes so you can get prepared.
  •         Each smoothie will feature one of our nutritional powders, which you can find at Nuts.com. Be sure to stock up before starting the challenge!

How Do I Participate?

Follow Along: Follow along with us as we make one smoothie each day! Try it in the morning as a quick breakfast, or as a mid-afternoon snack. Be creative!

Take a Selfie:  To make sure you stick to the 7-Day Challenge, we want to see your smoothie selfies! Each day upload a photo of yourself with your smoothie to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #smoothieselfie. Don’t forget to tag us so we can like and share the photos!

Challenge a Friend: Getting healthy is more fun with friends, so grab a buddy and tackle the smoothie challenge as a team!  It’ll help you stay motivated and you can have fun taking smoothie selfies together.

Win a Prize: We will be randomly awarding a $25 gift card to an individual who sticks with us for all 7 days! In order to qualify for the prize you must post a smoothie selfie each day with the different smoothies. Be sure to hashtag #smoothieselfie and tag us. We will announce the winner the day after the smoothie challenge is over.

Since we’re challenging you to make healthy choices, we’ve decided we should join the fun! Our nutty crew will also be making these smoothies. We will post our #smoothieselfies each day to track our progress and keep you motivated!

Don’t forget, the smoothie challenge starts September 12th, so be sure to get all your nutritious powders and healthy ingredients beforehand.

For an easy follow-along handout of the recipes we will be using each day, here is an infographic of our seven slim smoothies. Print it out and put it on your fridge so you can easily access the recipes and follow along.

Slim Smoothies Infographic

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