Ancient Grains Inspire New Meals!

Ancient grains have been around for thousands of years, but many of us are just beginning to discover them. When you’re seeking new and interesting meal ideas, these super grains are an excellent place to start!

1) Kaniwa

Kaniwa is an up and coming gluten-free super grain related to quinoa. Although it’s a new addition to our product line, this tiny grain has been around for thousands of years. Don’t get it confused with quinoa, though. Kaniwa has many defining characteristics that make it unique; in fact, it contains even more protein, antioxidants, and iron than quinoa. That’s pretty impressive for a grain that’s about half the size of quinoa. It also has a delightful nutty crunch when cooked, which provides a unique texture compared to fluffy quinoa.

2) Freekeh

This ancient Middle Eastern cracked cereal is similar in taste and texture to rice, but has a nutrient profile similar to super grains like quinoa and farro. That makes freekeh a great alternative to rice or couscous because it contains an excellent source of dietary fiber and protein. Another thing we love about freekeh is that it’s incredible easy to cook and very difficult to mess-up, so whether you’re an expert chef or just learning your way around the kitchen, freekeh is perfect for everyone!


3) Farro

Packed with fiber, iron, and B-complex vitamins, our whole-grain organic farro is even more nutritious than the pearled version. Unlike many whole-wheat grains, farro is unique in that it is light and elegant in taste and texture. It is sometimes compared to a lighter version of brown rice and has an interesting nutty flavor. Use it for risotto dishes; you’ll love that it retains its texture even after sitting out a while. Farro is delicious in soups or as a salad with fresh veggies.

4) Peeled Wheat

Commonly used in Middle Eastern cuisine, peeled wheat is an excellent source of nutrition for your diet. Peeled wheat is simply wheat berries with the hulls removed, so it lends a smooth chewy texture and delicious nutty taste to your dishes. Enjoy peeled wheat in place of other grains, and feel free to dress it with vegetables, beans, and other ingredients. You can even have it for breakfast by cooking it a little longer until it becomes like a porridge. Experiment with peeled wheat to find the consistency that works best for you.

Peeled Wheat

5) Quinoa

Perhaps the most popular ancient grain, organic quinoa is a light and fluffy seed which is naturally gluten-free. It has a grain-like texture which makes it a perfect alternative to rice or pasta during mealtime. As a complete protein boasting all 9 essential amino acids, quinoa is a nutritious meal in itself. Like our other super grains, quinoa is also a rich source of dietary fiber and minerals. It’s extremely versatile and can be used for stir-fries, casseroles, and more. Our organic quinoa is pre-rinsed so that it’s ready to cook right when you open it!

6) Amaranth

Last but certainly not least, organic amaranth is another gluten-free super grain that doesn’t fail to impress. Compared to other gluten-free grains, it has the highest fiber content, and it contains 30 percent more protein than most other grains. One of the other fantastic things about amaranth is that it’s so versatile! You can cook it like rice for a hearty side dish, pop it like popcorn for a tasty snack, or use it in baked goods for a nutty flavor. Amaranth is literally out of this world; astronauts enjoyed amaranth cookies on US Space Shuttle Atlantis’ maiden voyage in 1985.

Have you tried any of these ancient grains? What are your favorite ones?


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