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Bake Up Some Sweet Jelly Bean Cookies

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One of our favorite Easter treats is jelly beans. In fact, we love them so much that we offer more than 20 varieties! We love to munch them by the handful, load them into plastic eggs and Easter baskets, and even use them to decorate cookies and cupcakes. However, one of our favorite uses for jelly beans is to bake up a big batch of jelly bean cookies! These citrusy-sweet cookies are similar to chocolate-chip cookies, except that instead of chocolate chips, they’re studded with sweet jelly beans.

To start, mix up a batch of your favorite chocolate-chip cookie dough, but make a couple of substitutions. Instead of vanilla extract, add 2 tbsp. of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of lemon zest. Mix 1 cup of jelly beans into the dough, in place of the chocolate chips. Bake the cookies according to the instructions, allowing them to cool completely before eating them.

It’s fun to try new varieties and different combinations of jelly beans in these cookies! Our original jelly beans, with flavors such as orange, coconut and cherry, are always wonderful. Jelly Belly 49 Flavors contain a delicious combination of classic and unusual flavors that will make every bite of your cookies a tasty surprise! Organic jelly beans, made with natural ingredients, are a fantastic choice, as well. You can even add your favorite flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans to create yummy flavor combinations! (One of our favorites is Jelly Belly French Vanilla and Jelly Belly Tangerine.)

What are your favorite varieties of jelly beans? Do you have any special recipes for Easter treats?

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One Response to “Bake Up Some Sweet Jelly Bean Cookies”

  1. jendoe@cfl.rr.com' Jennifer

    Oh my goodness! These ARE silly good! My girls, 10 and 8, were awestruck at the ingenuity of such a thing. Thank you nutty people for sharing this one-of-a-kind, egg-stra special treat. Our Easter is officially complete 🙂


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