Can You Handle These Spicy Snacks?

Savor some spicy snacks for National Hot & Spicy Food Day on August 19th! We have a variety of munchies that pack an extra kick. Here are some of our best recommendations for all you spicy snack fiends!

1) Wasabi Soynut Explosion Mix

This wasabi mix is a flavor-bursting assortment of rice crackers, wasabi beans, wasabi green peas, and honey roasted soy nuts. The wasabi snacks will leave your taste buds tingling while honey roasted soy nuts help to balance out the heat. This colorful assortment of spicy munchies is great for any party, but you’ll want to have an extra bag just for yourself because it’s that good!

2) Habanero Pistachios

Pistachios are delicious all on their own, but when you combine them with the hot flavor of habanero, your taste buds will be doing cartwheels! These are pistachios freshly roasted with tantalizing spices to mimic the intense flavor of real habanero peppers. They’re still in the shell so you’ll have a lot of fun cracking these open. How many of these will you be able to eat before you need to wash down all that spice with an ice cold beverage?

Habanero Pistachios

3) Jalapeno Cheddar Sticks

If you love our crunchy sesame sticks, you’ll go nuts for this hot & spicy variety. Jalapeno cheddar flavored sticks have just the right amount of cheesiness and spice. We can’t help but scarf them down by the handful. They have a great texture with sesame seeds baked right in. These jalapeno cheddar sticks provide the extra kick you’ve been seeking from your snacking experience.

4) Spicy Pumpkin Seeds

Enjoy a protein-rich snack with an incredible spicy kick! Our spicy pumpkin seeds are freshly roasted in a delicious mix of paprika and cayenne. The hot flavor hits your mouth immediately upon tasting these delicious pumpkin seeds, which are also a good source of dietary fiber and minerals. These pumpkin seeds come in the shell so you have to work a little for the treat inside but it’s totally worth it!

5) Hot Banana Chips

The sweet and spicy combination of these hot banana chips is too irresistible not to crave. Made from real bananas, these crunchy chips are nicely coated in ground red pepper for a little blast of spice. These aren’t too overpowering so they’re great for anyone who can handle a moderate amount of hot flavor. Enjoy these with a tall glass of lemonade and you’ll be in snacking heaven!

Hot Banana Chips

Have you tried any of these spicy snacks? What are your own personal favorites?


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