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Celebrate Gluten-Free Fare

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According to the National Health Information Center, October is National Celiac Disease Awareness Month. We love taking this time to better educate ourselves and other about celiac disease and honor some of our most awesome customers.

Ensuring that our gluten-free products are safe for those with celiac disease to consume is of utmost importance to us. When we first decided to sell trusted and affordable gluten-free products, we first analyzed the ingredients lists of all the naturally gluten-free items we offer and we made sure that our gluten-free suppliers were following non-contamination standards in their facilities. We segregated our gluten-free production line and started randomly testing gluten-free treats to make sure they weren’t contaminated at any point. Finally, we sought and received the Gluten-Free Certification Organization’s stamp of approval.

It’s easy to spot certified gluten-free products on NutsOnline.com. Simply look for the GF logo in the bottom right corner of the item’s description box. You can also get direct access to all of our certified gluten-free products by visiting the gluten-free department of our website.

We offer yummy gluten-free fare for cooking, baking and snacking, and we’re proud of it! Some of our top-selling gluten-free products include chia seeds, roasted pistachios, organic quinoa, and dried strawberries. We also have a wide selection of baking supplies, including gluten-free flour that can be difficult to find in traditional grocery stores.

We guarantee that our certified gluten-free products and safe and delicious! What are some of your favorite gluten-free items from NutsOnline?

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One Response to “Celebrate Gluten-Free Fare”

  1. ablair@fracturetech.com' Amy Blair

    I love your gluten-free rolled oats (very fresh with no metallic aftertaste) and your g/f all-purpose baking flour. Over the past few weeks I’ve used it in numerous baking experiments (detailed in my blog, above) with excellent results! I have a question, though – is the flour your own blend or do you buy it in bulk from a supplier? It doesn’t really matter, I’m just curious. It has a lovely color and texture and, again, no metallic aftertaste.

    I’ve just ordered some of your organic red quinoa and am anxious to explore its possibilities. Thanks so much, guys – you are making my gluten-free life a lot more pleasureable!


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