Chill Out With Homemade Yogurt Pops

Need a quick, sweet and healthy summer treat? We’ve got a recipe for some outstanding yogurt pops that are sure to tickle your taste buds and cool you down after a long, hot day outside!

Start by lining up four to six small ice pop molds on a flat, level surface. In a separate bowl, mix 1 cup of any flavor of regular, soy or coconut milk yogurt with ¼ cup of chopped dried fruit. What kind? Well, that’s up to you! We like to pair chopped dried strawberries with strawberry yogurt. Dried blueberries, dried bing cherries and whole dried cranberries are scrumptious mixed with vanilla yogurt or plain yogurt sweetened with a bit of honey. For a tropical twist, try mixing chopped dried pineapple or dried mango with coconut milk yogurt.

Spoon the yogurt mixture into the ice pop molds, then pop the sticks into the yogurt. Freeze the yogurt pops for four to eight hours, then slide them out of the molds and enjoy!

Don’t have ice pop molds? Freeze the yogurt mixture in individual serving cups instead! It makes a refreshing frozen yogurt treat, even if it isn’t on a stick!

What are some of your favorite cool summer recipes?


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