Chlorella Guacamole Recipe

This chlorella guacamole recipe was developed exclusively for and our customers by Miryam Quinn Doblas, Registered Dietitian (RD). Miryam inspires others with her passion for creating healthy and delicious recipes on her website, Eat Good 4 Life.


This coming summer, you’ll find me making plenty of refreshing, easy, and healthy recipes. I’ll be taking full advantage of all the fresh, in-season produce available during this time of year. I started this morning by making this delicious chlorella guacamole recipe. In just 15 minutes, you can whip up a creamy dip made with fresh avocados and a dash of chlorella for extra nutrients. It makes a healthy snack any time of the day that can be served with sandwiches, chips, bread, or whatever your heart desires.


Chlorella is the superfood superstar that gives this guacamole recipe a unique twist of health benefits. Packed with chlorophyll, this green algae is best-known for cleansing and detoxifying the body of contaminants. Chlorella has fibrous cell walls, which bind to heavy metals and other toxins so that the body can easily expel them. It’s best to look for high-quality chlorella products with cracked cell walls, like this powder. Cracked cell walls make it easier for our bodies to digest and benefit from the many nutrients chlorella has to offer.


Aside from being a powerful natural detoxifier, chlorella is a complete protein source with all nine essential amino acids. “Essential” means that we must obtain these amino acids through food since our bodies cannot synthesize them. Chlorella powder is also a plentiful source of vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin E, iron, magnesium and potassium. Most notably, a serving of chlorella provides over 100% of the daily value for vitamin A and over 70% of the daily value for iron. It also promotes a healthy balance of good bacteria and probiotics in the digestive system. A great pantry staple, chlorella can be added to smoothies, pancake batter, and any sauce or salad dressing of your choice. I like it in pesto sauce because it enhances the beautiful green color.


Avocado is another superfood in itself. Each creamy avocado is rich in nutrient treasures like heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, vitamins C, E & K, potassium, and dietary fiber. For this recipe, you can also swap in other green powders to play up the health benefits of the dip. Some of my favorites are spirulina, moringa, and wheatgrass powder.


I served the chlorella guacamole with whole grain tortilla chips, as well as toasted whole grain bread with some extra veggie toppings. It makes a crowd-pleasing appetizer or simple healthy snack. Serve it as you like. I hope you enjoy this nutrient-packed chlorella guacamole recipe!

This recipe was developed and photographed exclusively for by Miryam Quinn Doblas, RD, of Eat Good 4 Life.


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