Chocolate Pecans? Yes, Please!

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Have we got a treat for all you pecan-lovers out there! Our chocolate pecans are a decadent treat for those who love the buttery taste of pecans and the rich, smooth flavor of high-quality milk chocolate. We’ve searched high and low to bring you what we’ve found to be one of the most delectable varieties of chocolate-covered nuts around!

Chocolate pecans aren’t just delicious. They also offer up health benefits that make pecans one of the most beneficial nuts around! Experts have found that, when it comes to promoting heart health, pecans offer top-notch protection. They’ve been shown to help lower total and LDL (or “bad”) cholesterol, as well as maintain HDL (or “good”) cholesterol levels. They also contain a healthy amount of zinc, vitamin E and vitamin A.

Of course, chocolate pecans offer up a healthy dose of milk chocolate as well, so you may want to reserve this yummy sweet for a special treat! We love to eat them as-is, top our ice cream with them and mix them into homemade trail mix. They’re even delicious chopped up and added to your favorite chocolate-chip cookie recipe! They’re definitely a luxurious dessert that’ll make just about any day feel special.


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