Christmas Gifts for the Coffee Nut

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For those of us who depend on that cup of joe to get going in the morning, and those who simply love the warmth and rich taste, coffee makes a welcome Christmas gift. It’s exciting to mix up your routine with new flavors of brewed coffee, and to sample sweets that combine coffee with other delicious flavors. Here are our favorite gifts for the coffee nut in your life:

Coffee Gift Ideas

This is for the true coffee nut, the one whose veins course with the glorious black stuff!

For those who feel over-caffeinated, you can order our Deluxe House coffee in decaf!

Royale Coffee Sampler

Give the gift of variety with this sampler of our three favorite coffees in half-pound bags:

  • Our Deluxe House coffee blend, perfect for that first cup of coffee of the day.
  • Our French Vanilla coffee pairs wonderfully with dessert. Our French Vanilla is the smoothest, best tasting available, without the unnatural taste that other French Vanilla coffees can have.
  • Our Hazelnut Supreme coffee is great for weekends, or any other time you’re feeling nutty.

Flavored Coffee

Why drink the same coffee blend every morning when you can try a variety of different flavors? Let your loved ones wake up to our delicious flavored coffees. Here are a few:

And so many more!

Coffee Candy

Coffee candies make for a rich, yummy treat:


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