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Cool Off with Homemade Dipped Cones

With fall just around the corner, we’re really feeling these final toasty days of summer. When we’re in need of a frosty treat, we love to whip up a batch of homemade dipped cones. These ice cream cones, dipped in a layer of chocolate and rolled in our favorite nuts and ice cream toppings, are an amazing dessert for the final days of summer.

To start, fill 10 sugar cones with your favorite ice cream. Make sure to include a perfectly rounded ball of ice cream on top of each cone. Fill 10 drinking glasses with rice and slide the cones, ice cream up, into the glasses. Place the glasses in the freezer and freeze the cones for at least 4 hours.

Melt 12 oz. of chocolate wafers in a double boiler on the stovetop. You can use any flavor of chocolate wafers for your dipped cones, but we really love dark chocolate wafers and milk chocolate wafers! Pour the melted chocolate into a small bowl. Choose a variety of ice cream toppings to roll your dipped cones in, and fill small bowls with each topping. Some of our favorites are chopped nuts, chopped candies and sprinkles.

Remove the first ice cream cone from the freezer and dip the ice cream-topped portion of the cone in the chocolate. Once the ice cream is evenly coated in chocolate, quickly roll the chocolate-dipped cone in your favorite ice cream toppings. Place the dipped cone back in the cup and move it back to the freezer to chill until it’s hard. Repeat the process with the other ice cream cones, working quickly to make sure the chocolate doesn’t harden. If it firms up a bit, you can re-melt the chocolate in the double boiler.

Once the dipped cones are frozen and firm, wrap each cone in a sheet of wax paper, then a sheet of aluminum foil. Store the dipped cones in the freezer for up to a week (though we can guarantee that they never last that long at our house!)

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  1. melissa

    any of your chopped nuts on there is going to be great, cant wait to try this!


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