Deco’s Monster Mash Keeps Horses Happy

Welcome to The Nutty Scoop’s newest feature, the Nutty Business Spotlight! From time-to-time, we’d like to introduce you to a business that uses’s awesome products to make their creations. Humans aren’t the only creatures who enjoy’s premium products! Cat Jepsen uses our dried fruits to create a special treat for her equine friends.

Cat started making her product, Deco’s Monster Mash, as a holiday gift for the horses in her barn, and the idea really took off. The mashes, which Cat describes as “super oatmeal for your horse,” contain a combination of nutritious grains and are topped with a sweet surprise: dried fruit from!

The gourmet bran mash comes in a variety of flavors, including Applepaloosa, Buckin’ Bananaberry, Tropical Trot and Peppermint Piaffe. Cat worked with a classically trained chef to develop the gourmet bran mash, which contains no preservatives, fillers or extra sugar. The product helps aid in hydration and can be used to get finicky eaters to take supplements or medications.

All of the ingredients in Deco’s Monster Mash are natural, for good reason: Customers want to make sure they’re giving their animals the best-quality food. “The equestrian set is very sensitive to natural and healthy products,” Cat said.

Cat said that a big part of the reason Deco’s Monster Mash is so appealing is the bright appearance that’s dried fruit gives the mixes. “I love the quality and color of your products,” she said. “That’s why my little product has flourished. Nothing sells if it is not also quite pretty and your fruits are beautiful!”

Cat’s horse Decoupage was the inspiration for Deco’s Monster Mash, and he serves as the product’s spokeshorse today. On her

website, Cat says: “As a high-performance dressage horse, he’s the kind of guy who must stay hydrated and could never be happy with those other ‘puny’ mashes that are on the market.” The hearty mash was created just for him, and it sure does keep his energy up!

Cat said that’s products have truly made a difference in Deco’s Monster Mash. “This started as a fun, nutritious holiday gift to the horses in our barn and has blossomed into a company all its own, and you have been there with me every step of the way.”

If you have an equine buddy in your life, Deco’s Monster Mash may be just the thing for him!

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