Delectable Pistachio Products

Roasted Pistachios (Salted, In Shell) Enjoy one of the world’s favorite nuts in a familiar or new way with any of our enticing pistachio products! From classic roasted pistachios to exotic Turkish delight, each of these snacks accentuates the already incredible flavor of this versatile nut.

Roasted Pistachios

Our salted, in-shell roasted pistachios are a customer favorite! These colossal pistachios are large and delectable, and grown right in California. Our roasted pistachios are lightly salted to enhance the signature flavor of these nuts. It’s also fun to crack open the shells to reveal the tasty and nutritious pistachio meat inside. Enjoy a big boost of dietary fiber, protein, and antioxidants in a handful of these pistachios. We also carry roasted pistachios without the shell.

Habanero Pistachios

Your taste buds better watch out because these habanero pistachios are loaded with an abundance of tantalizingly hot spices. If you love foods that really pack the heat, habanero pistachios just might become your new favorite snack. These intense and spicy nuts are ready to be enjoyed right out of the bag, although you might want to have an ice cold drink on hand to wash them down!

Dark Chocolate Covered Pistachios

Our dark chocolate covered pistachios make a delectable treat. The rich decadence of dark chocolate combined with the crunchy nuttiness of pistachios will make your taste buds swoon with delight. Each individual pistachio is drenched in a generous coating of smooth dark chocolate for a delicious experience in every bite. Serve these to your guests at a special gathering and they will be all gone before you know it!

Chili Lemon Pistachios

Chili lemon pistachios are a whole new way to enjoy one of the world’s favorite nuts. These savory pistachios have an irresistible spicy flavor combined with the perfect hint of citrus tanginess. This spicy and refreshing mix of tastes truly adds to an already incredible nut. Our chili lemon pistachios arrive in-the-shell. Get ready to crack open the zesty goodness inside as soon as your next snack attack hits!

Pomegranate and pistachio turkish delight Pistachio Turkish Delight

Pistachio Turkish delight is an authentic Turkish confection considered to be one of the most delectable treats in the world. The crunchiness of pistachios complements the velvety smooth texture of this sweet treat. Our pomegranate and pistachio Turkish delight is imbued with an exotic pomegranate flavor to satisfy any sweet tooth. Our Turkish delight goes wonderfully with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Which pistachio products would you like to try? What is your favorite way to enjoy pistachios?


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