Every Trail Mix You Could Dream Up!

Have you heard? We have 9 exciting new trail mixes for you to try! Inspired by our favorite foods, each trail mix is tasty, satisfying and truly one-of-a-kind.

1) German Chocolate Cake Snack Mix

Nothing satisfies your craving for a generous slice of German chocolate cake (without the guilt!) like this snack mix. Inspired by the decadent treat, this snack mix features toasted coconut, pecan pieces, semisweet chocolate chips, dried sour tart cherries, and caramel bits. Your taste buds will thank you for it! 

German chocolate cake mix

2) PB&J Trail Mix

In grade school, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were our go-to lunch staple. Just because we’re all grown up now, doesn’t mean we ever stopped craving PB&J sandwiches. We created this trail mix from the flavor combination of unsalted peanuts, baby dried strawberries, and raisins. It’s quickly become a go-to snacking staple!

PB&J Trail Mix

3) Strawberry Shortcake Snack Mix

We can’t think of a better summertime dessert than strawberry shortcake! That’s why we created a snack mix reminiscent of everyone’s favorite seasonal treat. It’s made with graham cracker cookie gems, baby dried strawberries, Greek yogurt covered raisins, and raw pistachios. Don’t wait until summer to enjoy it!

Strawberry Shortcake Snack Mix

4) Vegetarian Protein Mix

Before you hit the gym or the trails, make sure you have this tasty vegetarian protein mix by your side. Each serving provides 10 hearty grams of protein, thanks to roasted golden chickpeas, salted fava beans, unsalted edamame, unsalted dry roasted cashews, and salted soybeans.

Vegetarian Protein Mix

5) Oh My Pecan Pie Snack Mix

Oh my! That’s what we said when we tasted this pecan pie snack mix. Why didn’t we think of this before? Now you can enjoy your favorite Thanksgiving dessert in this mix of raw pecans, chopped dates, semisweet chocolate chips, and graham cracker cookie gems. It’s delicious as pie!


6) Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie

We love the refreshing taste of a strawberry and banana smoothie. Bursting with baby dried strawberries, organic banana coins, and Greek yogurt chips, this mix is just as energizing and delicious. The best part? There’s no blender required, which means no clean-up afterward.

strawberry banana yogurt smoothie

7) Spanish Cocktail Mix

You don’t need to throw a party to try this Spanish cocktail mix! It’s perfect for any occasion, even just kicking back with your favorite drink. Satisfy your snack obsession with the combination of fava beans, chickpeas, toasted corn, and Marcona almonds.  

Spanish Cocktail Mix

8) Miami Vice Smoothie Snack Blend

Need a time-out? Escape to a tropical paradise with our Miami Vice smoothie snack blend. Inspired by the half pina colada and half strawberry daiquiri cocktail, it’s sweet and refreshing. Sit back and relax with the taste of diced coconut, baby strawberries, diced pineapple, and Greek yogurt chips.

miami vice smoothie snack mix

9) Fat Elvis Mix

If other people have described your taste in food as a bit unusual, then you might have something in common with Elvis Presley! That’s the reason “The Fat Elvis” sandwich was born, it’s made with peanut butter, banana and bacon. We mimic this infamous sandwich with baby strawberries, peanut butter chips, imitation bacon bits, banana chips, and bagel chips. It will make your taste buds sing!

Fat Elvis Mix

Which tantalizing trail mix(es) are you excited to try?


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