Festive Green Candy for St. Patrick’s Day

Green Apple Gummy Bears St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner on Monday, March 17th, and at Nuts.com we’re celebrating with some of our favorite green candy! Whether fruity or chocolatey, our green candy is fun, delicious, and the ultimate celebration treat for this festive Irish holiday.

Green Apple Gummy Bears

These fun and fruity green apple gummy bears are almost too cute to eat! Bursting with a classic sweet and tangy green apple flavor, these little gummy bears will soon become a new favorite of yours. Green-colored gummy bears are a yummy way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! If you love adorable gummy candy treats, you may also want to try our delicious green gummy candy frogs.

Mint Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

St. Patrick’s Day lands on a Monday this year, so what better way to start your week than with an energy boost from mint chocolate covered espresso beans. These roasted estate arabica coffee beans are smothered in a creamy mint chocolate coating with bits of ground coffee. The refreshing flavor of cool mint and sweetness from white chocolate complement the bitter and satisfying taste of roasted coffee in this treat.

green m&m's Green M&M’s

There’s nothing quite like the delicious taste of classic M&M’s, and these green M&M’s are absolutely perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! A handful of these smooth milk chocolate discs with that signature candy shell truly tastes like you’ve just found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. These M&M’s will look irresistible when you set them in a glass bowl on your coffee table. Mix green M&M’s with dark green M&M’s for the ultimate St. Paddy’s Day candy treat.

Jelly Belly Watermelon

Green candy comes in all different flavors, and Jelly Belly Watermelon has one of those incredible fruity flavors that will tickle your taste buds. Dark green on the outside, these little jelly beans have a delicious red, watermelon-flavored center. One of the classic Jelly Belly flavors, watermelon jelly beans are fun for parties and celebrations, or just to snack on straight out of the bag.

Chocolate Jordan Almonds Chocolate Jordan Almonds

These aren’t your ordinary, everyday Jordan almonds. Light green chocolate Jordan almonds are roasted almonds coated in smooth milk chocolate and then finished in a light green candy shell. These chocolate Jordan almonds are more than a candy favor; they make a festive and delicious treat for St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t let the leprechauns get to them before you do!

What green candy will you be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with?

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