Fill a Custom Tray with Your Favorite Snacks

Have you ever wished that you could create a custom assortment of your favorite goodies? Well, let us grant your wish with a custom tray of nuts, sweets, and other snacks!

Custom trays are a popular holiday item because they make perfect gifts or holiday party treats. Choose from a selection of more than 150 nuts, dried fruits, and sweets!

To create your own, visit the site and follow these simple steps:

1. Select your category: Nuts, Dried Fruit, Chocolate, Sweets, or Snacks. You can mix and match, of course. You can also start with the Nutty Family’s favorite trays and customize them, or sort by Raw, Organic, Gluten-free, or Kosher products!

2. Click on a product, then click on the section of the tray you want it to fill. If you love a certain snack, you can use it to fill multiple slots! If you change your mind about a slot, just repeat step 2 and you’ll replace your original choice with the new one. You’ll see the cost of the tray vary with your selections.

3. Choose whether you’d like a medium or large tray, select your quantity, and click “Add to Cart”!

Here are a few of our favorite snacks that you might include in your own custom tray:

We recommend that you time your order so you can enjoy these perishable treats within a few days of delivery, at the peak of their freshness. Enjoy!

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