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Happy National Chocolate Mint Day!

andes chocolate mint Today we’re celebrating one of food’s tastiest power couples: mint and chocolate! Is there anything better than the fresh taste of mint combined with the smooth taste of chocolate? Not today, there isn’t! What’s your favorite treat that combines chocolate and mint? Ice cream? Cookies? Brownies? Rice Krispie treats? We love them all! If you’re a fan of mint chocolate, you’ll love our yummy mint chocolate products.

1. Andes Mints

Let’s start with a classic: the chocolate mint. And not just any chocolate mints, Andes Mints. This delicious treat has a middle layer of mint-green cream that is sandwiched between two layers of milk chocolate. These are individually wrapped, which makes them perfect for both snacking and sharing. Pop one in your mouth in the middle of the day for a refreshing pick-me-up!

2. Junior Mint Minis

Remember what a special treat it was to get a box of Junior Mints when you went to the movies as a child? Now you can treat yourself with our Junior Mint Minis. These pack the same punch of the regular ones, just in miniature form. This candy has a dark chocolate coating with a creamy mint center. Snack on them solo, or try throwing them in your ice cream or yogurt.

3. Chocolate Mint Coffee

Imagine waking up to the smell of mint chocolate every morning. Turn this fantasy into reality with our chocolate mint coffee. This heavenly coffee has the perfect balance of chocolate and mint overtones. If you don’t want to use this as an everyday coffee, you can use it for special occasions and to pair with dessert!

4. Mint Chocolate Chip Astronaut Ice Cream

Looking for something different to try? Eat ice cream just like space explorers do with our mint chocolate chip astronaut ice cream. This mint chocolate bar is made with real ice cream, but it doesn’t need to go in your freezer because it can’t melt (except in your mouth)!

mini chocolate mint chips 5. Mini Mint Chocolate Chips

Make your own treats with our mini mint chocolate chips. Incorporate them into your next batch of cookies or brownies, sprinkle them on a cake, or throw them in some ice cream. Not only will our mini mint chocolate chips elevate the flavor of your desserts, they’ll also give them a festive look!

Which one of these chocolate mint products is your mouth watering for?

One Response to “Happy National Chocolate Mint Day!”

  1. Sherry Compton

    How creative putting Junior Mints in your yogurt…. I hadn’t thought about that. Thanks!


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