Holiday Gift Guide: The Perfect Host Gifts

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Our holiday calendar is filling up quickly with parties and celebrations (yay!).  Whether we’re heading to a potluck, cocktail hour, or a small, intimate dinner gathering, we always come bearing gifts.  Since we have more than 100 gifts available, we wanted to share a few of our favorite host and hostess presents.

Our custom trays are a go-to favorite for any occasion.  We usually fill them with our host’s or hostess’s favorite treats – nuts, dried fruits, and sweets.  Sometimes, the host will even set out the tray for the party guests to enjoy.  Oh, and the trays are a lot of fun to design, too!


You might have trouble getting our Gourmet Christmas Basket through the door, but your host is going to love it!  The basket has 8 pounds of treats that the host can set out immediately, or enjoy with their family through the whole holiday season.

If you’re looking for something smaller, our wonderful Box of Winter Wonderland is certainly easier to carry, but overflowing with sweetness (and some salted nuts, too).


Our Movie Tin Assortment of sweets will provide plentiful provisions for those delightful family gatherings that end in a quiet evening of movie-watching.  If your host is screening old family movies, be careful that they don’t accidentally mount the tin on the projector.


After the party is over, the host can enjoy a treasured quiet moment.  Our Snowflake Bliss is a delightful indulgence, in a beautiful tin that’s full of yogurt pretzels shimmering with silver sprinkles.  A true reminder of the winter wonderland and the small joys of the season!




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