Last-Minute Thanksgiving Food Tips

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03D22251 Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Are you ready? We understand that time might have crept on you, but there’s no need to panic. Whether you’re hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner party or an intimate get together, you still have time to get everything ready. Just take a deep breath and check out these last-minute Thanksgiving food tips we’ve rounded up for you.

1. Cook in Advance

You still have about a day. If you can, prepare your food earlier. No one likes to be running around and stressing out mere hours before Thanksgiving dinner. You should want this to be a happy occasion for everyone, including you. That means you should make things easier on yourself. Cook today to avoid panic tomorrow. It’s worth it to work late tonight on all those tasty treats, we promise.

2. Check Your Menu

Make sure you check your menu one last time. Did you account for your vegetarian sister? Or your gluten-free nephew? If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner for people with food allergies or specific diets, double check that you’ve accounted for that in your menu. If you forgot and you don’t have time to cook anything else, see if you can pick up something Thanksgiving-y from a nearby restaurant or grocery store.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 3. Check Your Ingredients

As nice as it is to cook ahead, there are just some things you have to prepare the day-of. We get that, but something you can do to make that process easier is to go over your recipes and check your ingredients. Did you remember the cranberries and the pecans? What about the extra marshmallows? Make sure you have everything you need (Thanksgiving Day is not a good day to go to the store). Get your last-minute ingredients today. If you want to avoid the crowds, wait until late tonight.

4. Thaw Your Frozen Food

If you have sauces, bread, or other frozen dishes that need to thaw, do that step overnight. That way, they’ll be in ready in plenty of time for Thanksgiving dinner and you’ll have one less task to tackle Thanksgiving morning.

5. Set Your Table

Go ahead and set your table tonight. It might take you a while to figure out just where you want everything and how you want to fold those special holiday napkins. If you’ll be putting all the dishes on the table, make sure they’ll all fit and figure out where you want each one to go.

Do you have any last minute Thanksgiving food tips to share? Happy Thanksgiving! 

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