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Munch Some Mochi!

If you’re on the hunt for a new sweet, we recommend that you give mochi rice cakes a whirl! Mochi are a sweet and sticky treat from Japan that we’re just wild about.

Mochi rice cakes have a soft texture that’s perfect for sprinkling in cereal, topping ice cream and baked goods, and mixing into yogurt. We also love to munch mochi straight from the bag!

We offer a variety of mochi rice cakes, including regular mochi rice cakesrainbow mochi rice cakesblack sesame mochi rice cakes and chocolate covered mochi.

Check out our sweet video for more tips and tricks for enjoying NutsOnline’s mochi rice cakes anytime!


3 Responses to “Munch Some Mochi!”

  1. kelly

    This is my favorite, they don’t hurt your teeth like gummy candy, they are light, and slightly sweet, we love to eat them alone or on frozen yogurt at sweet frog. Not sold everywhere, so we like the bulk option on nuts.com. This is what I eat when I need a low calorie sweet.

  2. Search: the path to success | P3al2

    […] I read the reviews of their mochi product and the rating is great. I think I’ve fallen in love with the pricing and the customers’ reviews. Without any hesitation, I added 1 pound of mochi to my cart and checkout to make payment. I didn’t close the website right after I found what I wanted to purchase. I continued looking at other products they sell and reading the contents on their site, facebook and twitter. Later on, I found the company’s blog post which I think is a good idea that they have to build target audience or buyers. In addition, the company is wise that they links product names written on the blog with the one in the main website. When customers click at those words, they can see and check out the products right away. The company also creates some videos on their blogs and provides useful information for consumers on how to enjoy their products in creative ways. This is an example of the blog link https://blog.nuts.com/munch-some-mochi/. […]


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