Our Favorite Pumpkin Products at Nuts.com

Love the pumpkin products at Nuts.com? Your favorites are back for the season, plus some new treats we’re sure you’ll love just as much!

1) Pumpkin Spiced Swirl Bark {New}

One of our newest pumpkin products, this unique swirled bark is truly a fall delight. Creamy white chocolate is delicately flavored with pumpkin spice and complete with bits of gingersnap cookies. Triple yum! You won’t find another treat like it this season. Break off a few pieces and share the delicious goodness with your loved ones!

pumpkin spiced swirl bark

2) Pumpkin Pie Almonds {New}

Get your pumpkin pie fix any time of the year with these delectable almonds. Crunchy whole almonds are dipped in a smooth and sweet pumpkin pie coating. These almonds are a real treat that even provide a good source of protein for a health boost. They’re the perfect snack to tide your guests over on Thanksgiving before the main feast.

3) Pumpkin Spice Yogurt Pretzels

Fall just wouldn’t be official without these pumpkin spice yogurt pretzels! A customer favorite, these yogurt-drenched treats are crunchy, flavorful and bursting with pumpkin spice. Each bite reminds us just how much we love this season. For anyone that can’t get enough pumpkin-flavored goodies this time of year, these yogurt pretzels are a must!

Pumpkin Spice Yogurt Pretzels

4) Pumpkin Pie Fudge

Creamy pumpkin and sweet spices come together in this irresistibly fresh treat. Our customers describe this fudgy creation as the “pie without the crust – yum!” If you adore pumpkin pie, you’re sure to fall in love with this seasonal treat. It’s the perfect dessert for appreciating autumn.

Pumpkin Pie Fudge

5) Pumpkin Butter

If you’re a toast-in-the-morning kind of person, give your breakfast a fall twist with a slathering of pumpkin butter. Our smooth and delicious pumpkin butter contains no added sugar; just pure pumpkin goodness. Enjoy it on muffins, pancakes, scones, bread… you name it! Pumpkin butter can also be added to your own homemade baked goods for a signature pumpkin flavor.

6) Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Who needs the sugar-laden pumpkin spice latte when you can sip on this pumpkin spice coffee? Our deluxe house coffee beans are freshly roasted with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and allspice for that classic pumpkin spice taste. Make it at home and let the aromatic spices waft through your kitchen. Customize your cup of coffee with your favorite creamers and sweeteners.

What are your favorite pumpkin products this time of year?

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