Pop in Some Poppy Seeds

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Ah, poppy seeds. We think they complete just about any baked good with their deliciously nutty flavor and delicate crunch. But did you know that poppy seeds also pack a rather powerful nutritional punch? It’s true!

Besides being just plain tasty, a serving of poppy seeds contains 13 percent of your daily requirement of calcium. These tiny seeds offer up a healthy dose of vitamin A, vitamin C and iron. Poppyseeds can also help our feathered friends. They soothe digestive issues in many wild birds, so make sure to add them to your custom birdseed mixture!

Poppy seeds are mainstays in recipes from cuisines around the world, including Ukranian and Polish dishes. However, we have some favorite recipes of our own that feature these delectable seeds. Check out our featured recipes for Almond Poppy Cake, Lemon Poppyseed Muffins and Four Seed Bread. Smart Stew, which contains root vegetables and pumpkin, is also a great treat. You can even stir poppyseeds into your favorite salad dressing recipe, or add a few teaspoons of the seeds to pancake and waffle batter. They’re also delicious on the outside of homemade buns and bagels.

What are some of your favorite ways to cook with poppy seeds? Do you have a special recipe for poppy seed bread or cookies that you just have to share? We’d love to hear more!


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