Sensational Sesame Seeds

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Sesame is one of our favorite additions to homemade breads, cookies and crackers. That’s why we have a selection of sesame seeds that can’t be beat! Take a look!

Sesame seeds are a fairly common ingredient in baked goods, as well as Asian-style sauces, pastas and Mediterranean fare. But did you know there are many different types? We make it our business to carry a wide variety of the highest-quality sesame seeds around. These fresh and delicious sesame seeds will simply pop in all your favorite recipes!

Sesame seeds, which are native to Africa and Indonesia, have been cultivated since the earliest times. These yummy seeds are incredibly nutritious, and contain up to 60 percent oil and 25 percent protein. When sesame seeds are roasted, they have a tasty, nutty flavor reminiscent of the almond.

Unhulled white sesame seeds are perhaps the most familiar variety. They’re the crunchy, toasty seeds that you’ll often find on top of your favorite bagel. These imported seeds are scrumptious in many different recipes.

Black sesame seeds are a prominent ingredient in many Asian recipes, particularly those that feature fish. These unique unhulled sesame seeds are packed with manganese, copper, calcium and iron.

Hulled sesame seeds are softer and lighter in color than the natural unhulled variety. They’re delicious mixed into cookie dough or as topping on soft bread and rolls.

For those of you who prefer organic products, we offer unhulled organic sesame seeds and hulled organic sesame seeds.

Many delicious dips and sauces, including homemade hummus, call for a sesame seed paste called tahini. We offer the creamiest, most delicious Organic Sesame Tahini. It’s even yummy on its own as a vegetable dip or alternative to peanut butter on sandwiches.

What are some of your favorite recipes featuring sesame seeds?


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