Shake Up Your Baking

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Looking for something to shake up your baking? When we feel like we’re in a rut, one of our favorite things to do is test out recipes that star new types of flours! Flours that aren’t derived from wheat can give your baked goods a different texture, flavor and nutritional content. Plus, it’s just plain fun to try new things! Here are five of our favorite non-wheat flours for baking.

1)      Soy Flour: Soy flour, which is made from stone-ground organic soybeans, is fantastic flour for baking bread. The high-protein flour renders homemade bread lighter and fluffier. Try adding 1 tbsp. of soy flour to every cup of whole-wheat flour or all-purpose flour in your favorite bread recipe. You’ll notice a fantastic difference in texture, and the bread will be more nutritious!

2)      Potato Flour: Potato flour is made by grinding 100 percent dehydrated whole potatoes into a fine powder. Since it contains quite a bit of natural starch, potato flour can be a great addition to your favorite homemade pancake or waffle recipe. Just a tablespoon or two of potato flour will thicken up the batter, allowing you to create more even and neat goodies.

3)      Spelt Flour: Spelt flour has a deliciously nutty flavor and a texture that closely resembles wheat flour. This is because spelt is a non-hybrid cousin of what we know as wheat today. Spelt flour can be substituted for wheat flour in just about any recipe. Try it in your favorite cookies or quick bread! (And check out the product page for our favorite spelt flour chocolate chip cookies recipe!)

4)      Peanut Flour: Peanut flour, made with raw blanched peanuts, is most often used as a thickener for soups and batters. However, because it gives foods such a deliciously peanutty flavor, we love to use peanut flour in baking, as well! Try substituting peanut flour for half or all of the flour in your favorite brownie recipe for a rich, fudgy brownie that has just a hint of nutty goodness.

5)      Almond Flour: Almond flour is, hands down, one of our most favorite non-wheat flours to bake with. It’s a certified gluten-free staple in our cupboards, and makes delicious cakes, cookies and muffins that even our friends who are gluten intolerant can enjoy! Take a look at the almond flour product page to find our favorite recipes for almond flour pancakes, muffins, cookies and cake.

What are some of your favorite non-wheat flours to bake with?


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