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S’mores Trail Mix from Eat Thrive Glow

Happy National Trail Mix Day! We love nutty snack creations, so we decided to celebrate this fun holiday by teaming up with Brittany from Eating Bird Food to host a virtual contest. Bloggers used mixed nuts, candy, dried fruit, popcorn and more to create their own unique trail mix recipes. The winner is featured below and will be receiving a bag of their creation!

We loved checking out all of the submissions, but this s’mores trail mix from Eat Thrive Glow takes the cake! We couldn’t say no to a sweet and nutty combo that tastes like a summer snacking favorite. Get the recipe here.

smores trail mix

Eat Thrive Glow is run by Josie and Tanney, a neuroscientist and a historian. Their blog includes recipes using fresh, seasonal, locally grown produce as well as exotic ingredients like matcha and chia seeds. We got the scoop on what it’s like behind the scenes of their blog…

Nuts.com: How did you get into blogging together?

Eat Thrive Glow: We grew up in a family who loves to cook. When we ended up on opposite ends of the country due to our careers, we were always curious about what the other person was eating and began to share recipes. This grew into our blog, which is a journal of our favorite recipes.

Nuts.com: What’s the one recipe on your blog that you can’t live without?

Eat Thrive Glow: Carrot Tomato Soup. It’s our comfort food, and now that the fall season is right around the corner, we’ll be filling our bowls with it often.

Nuts.com: What’s your favorite ingredient to cook with?

Eat Thrive Glow: Cinnamon. It adds flavor to both savory and sweet dishes.

Nuts.com: Any words of wisdom for aspiring chef/food bloggers out there?

Eat Thrive Glow: Have fun with it! Cooking and food photography is a feast for the senses, so enjoy the beautiful colors, flavors, and aromas every time you step into the kitchen!

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