Spotlight on Mad Maggie’s!

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Welcome to The Nutty Scoop’s newest feature, the Nutty Business Spotlight! From time-to-time, we’d like to introduce you to a business that uses NutsOnline’s awesome products to make their creations. Today, let’s take a little trip to North Andover, MA, to visit a sweet ice cream shop called Mad Maggie’s.

This nutty business sells homemade ice cream, and owner Steve Reppucci says that they pride themselves on offering unique flavors that are made with the highest-quality ingredients. It’s this drive for quality that led Steve to NutsOnline in the first place. Unhappy with the nuts he was getting from his suppliers, Steve sought out a company that could keep him flush with fresh ice cream toppings and mix-ins.

“I use NutsOnline for a couple of reasons,” Steve said. “First, the nuts are fantastic, always fresh and crisp and customers notice the difference. Secondly, your shipping is so quick that I tell friends that you’re our ‘offsite warehouse’ — I can place an order Monday through Thursday and know that they’ll show up with the UPS delivery the following day, so I don’t need to order weeks ahead of time. “

A young customer enjoys her sweet treat.

Mad Maggie’s goes through a variety of NutsOnline nuts each week, including walnuts, pistachios, pecans and almonds. The ice cream artists at the shop are regularly mixing up specialty flavors and old favorites that require the nuts. They add about two quarts of lightly crushed nuts to each five-gallon container of rich homemade ice cream.

Steve said he also likes trying other products when he’s experimenting with new flavors. His Cappuccino Espresso Bean ice cream, which is a customer favorite, includes a generous sprinkling of NutsOnline’s dark chocolate-covered espresso beans.

However, some experiments work out better than others. “I tried using your buffalo peanuts awhile back, but just couldn’t come up with a flavor that worked for ice cream,” Steve admitted.

Though Mad Maggie’s offers a plethora of wacky flavors such as “Candy Store Floor” (a confection-laden creation invented by Steve’s 11-year-old son, David), it’s really the basic, pure flavors that make the shop’s offerings so sweet. In fact, Steve says that one of the most special varieties is their North Andover Maple Walnut, made with NutsOnline’s walnuts and locally harvested maple syrup.

North Andover Maple Walnut ice cream is a local favorite at Mad Maggie’s.

“I humbly feel that we make the best Maple Walnut of anyone in the area (and we have a LOT of homemade ice cream makers here in Massachusetts),” Steve said.

Mmmm, we can just taste that sweet mapley goodness now!

The next time you’re near North Andover, we highly recommend that you take a little trip to Mad Maggie’s. This nutty business offers quality premium ice cream that’s sure to tickle your sweet tooth!

All photos courtesy of Mad Maggie’s Ice Cream. To see more, visit their Facebook page.

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