Sweeten Your Day with Almond Paste

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almond paste Almonds are such a versatile nut! We love to snack on chocolate-covered almonds and hickory smoked almonds, sprinkle our casseroles with slivered almonds, and spread organic almond butter on sandwiches. One of our most favorite ways to eat almonds is in the form of almond paste.

Almond paste is the lightly sweet treat that you’ll find inside chocolates and pastries such as almond croissants. Our high-quality almond paste is made with 67% select grade almonds. Use it to add a delicate richness to almond cookies, fruit tarts, or even wedding cakes!

Marzipan is the sweeter cousin of almond paste. You can make your own marzipan by combining equal parts confectioner’s sugar and almond paste and adding a touch of light corn syrup. Bakers love marzipan because it can be easily molded into a variety of colorful creations. Using our almond paste, Roberta Rhodes-Beeson at The Marzipan Pig made these gorgeous candies (pictured) in the shapes of fruits and vegetables!

Even though almond paste is sweet and rich in flavor, it is also nutritious! More than 60% of fats in almonds are monounsaturated fats. According to the American Heart Association, these fats help lower harmful cholesterol levels as effectively as pharmaceutical drugs can.

Did you know that 1 oz of almonds has more protein than a whole egg? An egg contains 5.5 grams of protein, while 1 oz. of almonds has 7.6 grams! This protein maintains healthy muscle growth in your body. In that same 1 oz. of almonds, you’ll also find as much calcium as 1/4 cup of milk for strong bones.

If you won’t use all of your almond paste right away, don’t worry. You can freeze it for up to one year!

What is your favorite way to enjoy almond paste? Tell us in the comments!

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