Take a Bite Out of Our Gummy Treats

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This week is Shark Week, and we’re ready to celebrate with a heaping handful of our Gummy Blue Sharks! These cute, electric-blue gummy treats are the perfect snack for Shark Week.

Don’t just stop with Gummy Blue Sharks! We have a full collection of gummy fish that really complete just about any under-the-sea adventure. Our multi-colored Gummy Hammerhead Sharks are a fantastic treat for Shark Week. We also love to munch on Gummy Octopus, Gummy Starfish and Gummy Lobsters.

Of course, no Shark Week celebration would be complete without a selection of Swedish Fish. We offer favorites such as assorted Swedish Fish and Red Swedish Fish, as well as new treats like Mini Swedish Fish and Sugar-Free Swedish Fish.

We love to use Gummy Blue Sharks and other gummy fish to decorate cakes and cupcakes, make treat bags and fill candy dishes during our Shark Week fun.  Many of our gummy fish choices are certified gluten-free, making them an excellent sweet for those with gluten intolerance. Get your Gummy Blue Sharks and gummy fish today, and celebrate Shark Week in style!

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