Tasty Paleo Snacks by Paleo Experts

The paleo diet is often referred to as the caveman diet because it’s based on the principle of eating the same way our hunter-gatherer ancestors did. For paleo snacking options, we looked to some of our favorite paleo bloggers and experts, who know just how to create the perfect harmony of ingredients in their recipes. We love these paleo snacks because they’re delicious, creative, and serve as the perfect reminder that special diets don’t have to feel restrictive.

Hummingbird Bread

If you’re familiar with hummingbird cake, you’ll certainly be impressed by PaleOMG’s gluten-free recipe for hummingbird bread. Juli was inspired to create this banana pineapple spiced recipe after sampling a gluten-free version at her local restaurant. She starts with a mix of dry ingredients like tapioca flour and coconut flour, mixes in the fruits, and finally folds in chopped pecans for the perfect touch of nuttiness. Juli’s hummingbird bread makes a scrumptious paleo snack or breakfast!

Tropical Paleo Granola

In this recipe for tropical paleo granola, Michelle of Nom Nom Paleo successfully replicates a “Paleonola” she tasted while vacationing in Hawaii. Her grain-free granola recipe incorporates a healthy crunch from foods like raw almonds and raw coconut flakes, and a delightful tropical taste from fresh pineapple and Medjool dates. We love the step-by-step photos on her blog that make following this recipe a “tropical” breeze.

Paleo Apple ‘Nachos’

Looking for a refreshing snack that’s a little bit sweet and tart? Then you’ll just love FastPaleo’s easy-to-make recipe for paleo apple ‘nachos’! Throw together these apple nachos in a pinch by arranging freshly sliced green apples on a plate, and drizzling them with creamy almond butter. Top them off with a handful of chocolate chips, shredded coconut and any other toppings your taste buds desire! This recipe is indeed “fast,” without compromising on taste or health!

Paleo Hummus

To name a few of the reasons we love The Paleo Plan’s hummus recipe: it’s delicious, satisfying, and incredibly versatile. As a legume-based recipe, traditional hummus does not make the cut for paleo-approved foods. The Paleo Plan creatively replaces chickpeas with freshly roasted cauliflower in this tasty recipe. Combined with the creamy taste of tahini and a dash of paprika, this paleo-friendly hummus is irresistible as an appetizer or served with fresh veggies.

Blueberry Muffins

Charles and Julie of Paleo Comfort Foods created a paleo-friendly version of one of the ultimate comfort foods: blueberry muffins. The fresh blueberries mingle well with almond flour, a favorite wheat flour substitute for many paleo and gluten-free diets. This recipe also incorporates coconut oil, the most nutrient-dense part of the coconut, and rich source of immune-boosting lauric acid. These blueberry muffins are perfect as a between-meal snack or after-dinner treat!

What are some of your favorite paleo snacks?

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