Tasty Pistachio Recipes

Raw pistachios (no shell) From savory to sweet, pistachio recipes showcase the versatility of one of the world’s favorite nuts. Follow us as we unveil a few of our favorite recipes and treats made from pistachios!

Pistachio Cookies

For sweet and buttery cookies with an irresistible nutty crunch, this pistachio cookie recipe is just the thing! This easy-to-follow recipe churns out tasty and one-of-a-kind cookies that you would never be able to find in the store. You can even use green food coloring to give the dough a classic pistachio-green color. For a splendid look and festive party treat, roll the dough in rainbow nonpareils before baking.

Pistachio Salad

This refreshing and delicious pistachio salad recipe is a great way to get your greens along with a protein boost. This salad makes a wholesome and nutritious lunch or side dish that you can throw together in a jiffy. With tangy balsamic vinegar as the base, the dressing complements the taste of bitter baby greens, sweet apples, creamy blue cheese, and nutty pistachios.

Pistachio Ham Roll-Ups

These pistachio ham roll-ups are delicious as a party appetizer or kid’s afternoon snack. No baking or preparation required, these ham roll-ups can be put together in a matter of minutes. Start with thinly sliced ham or lunch meat, and spread with a filling of cream cheese and pistachios. For a little spicy kick, add a dash of hot pepper sauce to the cream cheese mixture. This snack is perfect any time mid-afternoon hunger strikes!

Lemon-Pistachio Biscotti

Crunchy and sweet, this recipe for lemon-pistachio biscotti has the perfect hint of citrus and nutty goodness. Biscotti is fun to eat but it’s also a lot of fun to make with this step-by-step recipe! This classic Italian cookie is delectable as an anytime snack or just when you’re craving something sweet. It also makes a light, yet satisfying, dessert. Enjoy this biscotti treat accompanied by your favorite cup of coffee or tea.

Pistachio Ice Cream

This pistachio ice cream recipe uses real pistachios and none of the artificial flavors you’ll get from store-bought ice cream. Making your own pistachio ice cream at home ensures that you won’t encounter any unfamiliar ingredients. The flavors of roasted pistachios and almond extract complement one another in this rich and creamy ice cream for a sensational treat!

What are your favorite pistachio recipes? How do you enjoy eating pistachios?

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