The Paleo Diet:’s Q&A with Melissa Joulwan

Do you have questions about the Paleo diet? hosted a Google+ Hangout on Air with Melissa Joulwan to get answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions about the paleo lifestyle. Watch our video below or here on YouTube to learn how the paleo diet can work for you.

About Melissa Joulwan

Melissa Joulwan is the author of the best-selling cookbooks, Well Fed and Well Fed 2, which are filled with delicious, easy-to-follow paleo recipes, enticing photographs, meal planning tips, and more. You can learn more about Melissa by checking out her blog at The Clothes Make The Girl, where she talks about her triumphs and failures in the gym, in the kitchen, and in life.

About the Interview

Melissa gives us a great overview of the paleo diet by explaining that it’s meant to help us feel our best by eating the way our paleo ancestors did. This means eating animal protein, fruits and vegetables, and naturally-occurring fats. The diet excludes grains, legumes, dairy, added sugar, and alcohol.

Melissa originally began the paleo diet to lose weight, and it was around the same time she learned she had a nodule on her thyroid and needed to have her thyroid removed. Without a thyroid, she needs to take extra special care of herself and eating a very clean paleo diet is essential. Melissa explains that the standard American diet of carbohydrates and grains can cause a lot of health issues, including excessive inflammation in the body. The paleo diet is great for managing blood sugar and keeping inflammation levels low. It also helps you lose weight, sleep better, manage autoimmune conditions, clear skin problems, and most importantly, feel your best.

The Clothes Make The Girl, started out as a place for Melissa to share the foods she ate. Once she learned how to write recipes and began sharing them, the blog continued to grow, and eventually motivated her first cookbook, Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat. All of the recipes found in her cookbooks are the same ones she and her husband make at home. With tons of delicious recipes and meal planning tips, Well Fed is a wonderful resource for anyone getting started on the paleo diet. Melissa ensures that your taste buds will never be bored and your kitchen will always be stocked with raw materials so that you can prepare healthy meals quickly on any day of the week.

During the Hangout, Melissa gives advice for people concerned about not having enough time to cook paleo on a busy schedule. She explains what you need for a well-stocked paleo kitchen and pantry. She talks about different “flavors” of the paleo diet, including the Whole30 program, in which you follow a 30-day elimination diet to heal your gut and understand your eating habits. Melissa also gives suggestions for vegetarians looking to follow the paleo diet, tells us about her cooking fails, and shares her favorite quick & easy paleo snacks.

We encourage anyone getting started on the paleo diet to watch this fun, informative Hangout. It provides plenty of advice for making the diet approachable and easy. Even paleo veterans will learn something new after watching the interview with the amazing & knowledgeable Melissa Joulwan. You can watch the video here. Enjoy!

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