Tips for Holiday Party Planning Success

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It’s finally November, which means holiday season is about to be full steam ahead! If you’re planning on throwing a holiday party sometime in the next couple months, we want to help. Just follow this ultimate list of tips for holiday party planning success.

1. Date and Venue

The date and the venue need to be the first two things you decide. These two aspects will affect every other decision you make about your holiday bash. If you’re having it at your own house, no need to find a venue! Make sure you pick a date that’s respectful of other holiday plans already on the calendar.

2. Theme

This is the fun part: choose  a theme for your party. You could do anything from feathered friends (Thanksgiving) to winter wonderland to tacky Christmas sweaters. Once you pick your theme, you’ll be able to plan all the other aspects around your particular theme – your invitations, menu, music, decorations, and even guests’ attire!

pecan pie 3. Menu

You need to start thinking about your menu as soon as possible. Are you going to cook or are you going to have your food catered? If you’re cooking, it’s wise to choose dishes that can be prepared in advance. You won’t have much time to cook the day of your party. Make your life easier by preparing ahead and then just warming up your food the day of your party.

Select recipes that go along with your party’s theme. For example, if you’re having an elegant Thanksgiving dinner party, serve decadent pecan pie; if you’re throwing a kid-friendly bash, sugar cookies decorated with frosted turkeys would be a hit. Also, you need to decide whether you’ll be serving a sit-down dinner at your party or whether you’ll be providing snacks and hors d’oeuvres. Make sure you check out our recipe section before forming your menu! We have great holiday hors d’oeuvres ideas like brie stuffed figs with rosemary and chickpea fritters. If you’re opting for a sit-down dinner party, check out some of our entree recipes like our chicken breasts roasted with honey, pine nuts, and thyme.

4. Music

Something as simple as music is sometimes overlooked during party planning, but music can really help set the tone for your party. Again, you’ll need to consider what type of party you’re throwing and match the music. For example, if you’re throwing a fun, quirky Christmas get-together, upbeat Christmas music could be fun. However, if you’re throwing a fancy Christmas dinner party, soft and jazzy Christmas music would set the mood better. Make sure you have a playlist that’s been checked through and that’s long enough to last the length of the party.

What parties are you planning to throw this holiday season?

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