Treat Your Inner Kid to Some Gummy Candy

It’s wonderful to feel like a kid again, isn’t it? When you take a moment to hop on the swings when you walk by a playground, or page through a book you loved when you were little, you reconnect with your inner kid. Treating yourself to your favorite childhood candy is another fun way to zoom backward in time!

Among our old-time candy, you’ll find old-fashioned treats such as Wax Bottles and Retro Candy Boxes themed by decade. Novelty candy like the World’s Biggest Candy Necklace and Candy Buttons will make you smile.

One of our favorite childhood treats is gummy candy. Who can resist its chewy, fruity deliciousness? Here are a few gummies to try!

Halloween Gummy Candy

Gummy Pumpkins and Halloween Gummy Worms: Their bright fall colors will put you in the Halloween spirit!

Gummy Bears

We carry varieties of Gummy Bears to suit any tastebuds! Choose from a 12-flavor pack, classic Haribo Gummy Bears, Milk Chocolate Gummy Bears, and more. For those with special dietary needs, we have vegan and sugar-free gummy bears.

Gummy Rings

Gummy Rings are a popular childhood treat! Pick your favorite flavor, such as peach, blue raspberry, or gummy apple rings! If you can’t choose just one flavor, our Gummy Rainbow Rings provide an assortment.

Gummy Raspberries

Gummy Red and Black Raspberries: These candies are imported from Germany and are full of raspberry flavor!

What are your favorite gummy candy goodies?


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