We’re Craving Cranberries!

It’s almost turkey time! We love Thanksgiving because it gives us a chance to spend a wonderful day with our friends and family, enjoying delicious food and visiting. Though turkey and mashed potatoes do hold a special place in our heart, we also love the tart and sweet taste of cranberries. (Maybe that’s why we offer so many cranberry-tastic treats through NutsOnline!) Here are some of our favorites:

1)      Dried Cranberries: These sweet dried treats are great for munching straight from the bag, as well as stirring into cranberry sauce, stuffing, pie filling and cookie dough. We offer a wide variety of dried cranberries, including the ever-popular whole dried cranberries, organic cranberries, natural cranberries that are infused with juice and sliced cranberries. We even have a crunchy freeze-dried variety called Simply Cranberries that are incredibly healthy and tasty!

2)      Candied Cranberries: Besides dried cranberries, we also have a healthy selection of sweet candied cranberries. Try our yogurt covered cranberries, with their sweet and delicious coating, or our pastel milk chocolate cranberries. Our dark chocolate covered cranberries are so decadently rich and delicious that they’re perfect for a holiday celebration!

3)      Cranberries in a Jar: Cranberries in a jar are fantastic for pies, dessert topping and baked goods. We love to eat warmed helpings of these wild mountain cranberries over homemade vanilla ice cream!

4) Cranberry Coffee: It may sound a bit kooky, but cranberry coffee is a great way to start your day! It incorporates the tart flavor of cranberries with fresh roasted coffee beans for a delightful blend that’s delicious with pie and sweet breads!

What are some of your favorite cranberry treats?


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