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What To Do With Mulberries

Wondering what to do with mulberries? This superfood is loaded with antioxidants, fiber, protein, vitamin C and iron, so there are plenty of health-boosting reasons you should be adding more to your diet. Here are five of our favorite ways to use dried mulberries.


1) Yogurt Parfait

Create a delicious yogurt parfait by alternating layers of Greek yogurt with layers of dried mulberries and other fresh berries. Use clear glasses so that you can see the gorgeous layers inside. Sprinkle the top with crunchy granola and extra mulberries. Yogurt parfait is a wonderful breakfast treat and also makes an energizing snack.

2) Smoothies

Give your smoothie a healthy makeover by adding a small handful of dried mulberries to the mix. Start with a basic smoothie recipe, toss in the mulberries, and let the nutrient magic take place in your blender. The dried mulberries will blend nicely with the rest of your ingredients. For a double antioxidant punch, we think you’ll enjoy this Matcha green tea smoothie recipe, which incorporates both 100% Matcha green tea powder and dried mulberries.

3) Oatmeal or Cereal

Dried mulberries can be reconstituted in liquid to become plump and chewy. That’s why we love adding them over a bowl of cereal because they absorb the milk and lend a nice texture. Similarly, you can toss them over the top of your morning oatmeal for a delightfully healthy crunch. Dried mulberries make a wonderful topping in combination with nuts or dried fruit like shredded coconut. Try this nourishing and delicious moringa oatmeal recipe for breakfast this week!

4) Granola

For more mulberry madness during snack time, add dried mulberries to homemade granola bars. One option is to grind them up and mix the powder with the rolled oats and other ingredients. We like to simply add the whole dried mulberries right into the granola mix without tampering with them at all so that you get crunchy mulberries in every bite. For a tried-and-true recipe with dried mulberries, make these homemade granola bars.


5) Energy Bites

Have you ever made energy bites or bars from scratch? Dried mulberries are a perfect addition to energy bites made from pitted jumbo Medjool dates. Use the mulberries just as you would other nuts, dried fruits, or superfoods in your recipe. They’ll come together nicely in your food processor. Check out our healthy vegan chocolate truffles recipe to get started, and try swapping out the flaxseed meal for dried mulberries.

How do you use dried mulberries?

2 Responses to “What To Do With Mulberries”

  1. Vickie Stott

    the problem with using mulberries is stems do not remove — do they come off if dried?

    • Meghan Remedios

      Hi Vickie – Our mulberries may retain some of their stems, but they are edible and thin. You do not need to remove them unless you want to.


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