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Whip Up a Batch of St. Patrick’s Day Cookies

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We love any excuse to bake with deliciously nutty ingredients from Nuts.com, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception! We shared our recipe for gooey butter cookies a few months ago, and we love these soft and delicious cookies so much that we decided to make a St. Patrick’s Day version. These cookies, flavored with pistachio nut paste, are sure to knock your socks off.

Start by creaming together one stick of softened unsalted butter and one 8 oz. brick of softened cream cheese. Add one box of white cake mix (or 3 cups of gluten-free vanilla cake mix), 1 egg and 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract. Stir the ingredients to make a soft dough, then blend in 1/4 cup of pistachio nut paste, two to three drops of green food coloring and about 1/2 cup of chopped roasted pistachios.

Scoop rounded teaspoonsfuls of dough into a bowl of powdered sugar. Roll the dough balls in powdered sugar until they’re lightly coated and place them on an ungreased cookie sheet. Bake the pistachio gooey butter cookies at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-13 minutes, but keep an eye on them. The pistachio nut paste may cause them to brown a bit more quickly than the traditional recipe.

Cool the cookies completely on a wire rack, then store them in an airtight container. They should stay fresh for about two days. Yum!

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2 Responses to “Whip Up a Batch of St. Patrick’s Day Cookies”

  1. jeaniver38@q.com' Jeanne

    Sounds delicious but way too much sugar using a cake mix. I’ll have to find another base to add the pistachio nut paste to for cookies.

    • brittany@nuts.com' The Nutty Scoop

      Sounds great, Jeanne! Please let us know what you come up with! 🙂


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